Chiroceuticals: Anti-Aging

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PHYTO-ALEXIN C with red wine extracts

An enhanced serum containing chirally-pure vitamin C with its collagen promoting abilities of the anti-aging properties of phyto-alexins (the actives in red wine). Sparing the skin from oxidative stress due to pathogens and environmental factors, this elixir is gentle enough to be worn around the eyes. Non-comedogenic, it improves moisture, circulation and the skin’s ability to protect itself. Encourages epidermal growth factors (EGF) which result in more firm and resilient skin and supporting tissues. Highly recommended for reducing fine lines & hyperpigmentation. Apply each morning after cleansing for intense results. For daytime use, must be worn with sunblock, such as Beyond Organicstm Made in the Shade SPF17 Moisturizer.

Phyto-Alexin C Elixir:  
(A.M. Therapy)  


Overnight nutrition for your skin containing a unique chirally-pure form of vitamin A which stimulates collagen synthesis reminiscent of our earliest youth. Also includes a high dose of the chirally-pure form of vitamin C for cell turnover and collagen building, plus the natural and chiral form of vitamin E to give an infusion of antioxidant. Fullerenes allow for deep delivery of nutrients, a far more effective carrier than liposomes or nanosomes.

You will experience vastly improved skin texture, increased cellular activity, reduction of fine lines, detoxification, and firming. Particularly recommended as a remedy for sun-damage, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Golden A.C.E. Elixir:  
(P.M. Therapy)  

Beyond Organics Phyto-Alexin C Elixir
Beyond Organics Golder A.C.E. Elixir