Based on Enduring "Chiral Science"

Our cutting edge botanical ingredients are based on an enduring chiral science first discovered by Louis Pasteur, then in the early 1990s mandated by the FDA that all pharmaceuticals for human consumption must first be "chirally" analyzed for their safety before going to market, with further validation in 2001 by an American and Japanese scientist through winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

What is Chiral?

"Chiral" means that the left and right "spin" of a molecule fits the skin's receptors precisely like a hand-in-glove for absolute absorption and penetration. Skin is the body's largest organ and has millions of chiral receptors dictating these precise instructions.

If the product is not chirally pure, you are merely forcing the incorrect molecule into the skin where it will either be rejected because it is not recognized by the cell or it will link up improperly and will not give the best results. In extreme cases it may even cause adverse reactions.

[For example, L-limonene (left-handed with a lemon scent) is a powerful anti-viral in the body; it is an anti-fungal, stops allergic reactions. It suppresses tumor growth (particularly melanoma) and fights free radicals. D-limonene (right-handed with an orange scent) is used for industrial cleaners and degreasers which you see on the market today under different brand names. It is also used for recycling tires. It promotes free radicals and mutations in human embryos, and causes allergic reactions.] Our Beyond Organics® chirally-pure botanicalstm products never contain both the L- and D- because D-limonene is responsible for skin irritation, and instead use only the L-limonene.

By undergoing the painstaking and costly separation process of each molecule according to its left and right spin, it results in ingredients completely free of pesticides and far surpasses in potency and incomparable purity, made even more powerful by boosting its active ingredients and concentration without irritating or damaging one's skin.

Just as a left hand cannot fit into a right glove, a key will also not work without having the right shape of a specific lock! This is skincare on a DNA/molecular level, penetrating much deeper than just cellular with next generation/state-of-the art anti-aging/antioxidant ingredients, that makes it the safest for the most sensitive and the health-challenged!

Our Beyond Organics® logo reflects the Yin and Yang, the natural harmony of chirally-pure botanicalstm with both Nature and the skin. The leaf and ladybug have a symbiotic relationship: the ladybug keeps the leaf free of pests - eliminating the need for pesticides harmful to the environment and our health. We've placed the leaf and ladybug inside the Yin/Yang - an ancient and mystical symbol of Natural Harmony.

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