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Apricot Gentle Refiner with Vitamin Etm

For use when the skin feels dry or sensitive, yet suitable for all
skin types.

Experience the pleasant aroma of apricots as it removes surface debris and gently polishes the face with spherical jojoba beads which do not scratch your face like an almond scrub with pointed edges. Great for morning use, to clear overnight build-up of dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. Calming, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and chemo-prophylactic. This scrub will leave your skin smooth, refined and vibrant. Gentle enough for daily use and after laser or peel treatments, helping to eliminate flaking.

Apricot Gentle Refiner: 
20 ml. $30.00

Icy Mint Scrub & Mask with Vitamin Etm

Bring out your inner glow with this icy cool mint scrub. Contains zeolites (the crystalline hydrated silicates from volcanoes) to help trap and slough away biological and environmental pollutants and debris from skin. Particularly suitable for complexions at the normal/oily end of the spectrum, although beneficial for dry skin. Makes a wonderful stress-relieving treat for hot and tired feet as well as a cooling mask for your face after rigorous activity. Good for morning use, or anytime you would like to reward your skin with a refreshing peppermint treat.

Icy Mint Scrub & Mask w/vit. E: 
20 ml. $30.00


Apricot Gentle Refiner with Vitamin E
Icy Mint Scrub & Mask with Vitamin E