Prisms Mineral Makeup

Prisms Mineral Makeup

All Natural Prisms Mineral Makup Story

Our natural full spectrum sunscreen makeup, absolutely without artificial pigment and fillers, protects your skin from harmful UVA, UVB and infrared rays with an FDA rating of SPF 26!**

This product stays on all day and its "very water resistant" rating keeps from creasing or smearing even during the most strenuos exercise!

The most natural form of sun protection is micronized titanium dioxide and micronized zinc oxide. Both of these minerals have extraordinary properties in that they allow light to pass through the visible ray region, which the skin needs this light for healthy development, while intercepting and guarding the damaging ultraviolet rays. The result is the most natural looking flawless finish for your skin.

Our powders consist of highly sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments which are micro-pulverized proprietary technology--not only are our powders "triple jet milled" but in the process is repeated 4 more times without the dangers of nano-particles--which makes it the finest of all brands on the planet!

These crystals overlap on the skin to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally while still protecting it from airborne pollutants.

The staying power of our minerals is so great that they are rarely need a touch up during the day!

More of prisms mineral makeup special benefits:

  • 100% micronized minerals of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide our sun protections naturally found in minerals, and will neither clog pores nor dry the skin. Recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologist because it is safe and non-comomedogenic. its bacteria-free properties are beneficial to use for the redness following treatments like chemical peels and laser resurfacing, and made for complete coverage concealing embarrassing skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. [Research shows that both provide a natural barrier to UVA and UVB radiation without irritating burning or stinging the skin.

  • Special formulation infused with antioxidant vitamins A & E.

  • Does not smear on clothes--great for weddings!

  • Feels and looks great like your own natural skin without makeup because our "light as a feather" "smooth as silk" color shades conform to any color skin and texture as the day wears on.

  • A very precise and balanced formula in reflecting light to camouflage any skin defects without excess glitter.

* Selected foundation color -- light and medium (without vitamins A & E).
** Foundation only colors

How to greatly reduce any mess associated with these highly micro-puverized minerals:

  1. Point brush head into tissue.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Buff the brush head into tissue.

How to prime your Dispensing brush

(First time process not to be repeated daily.)

Before you begin application, prime your dispense brush. With tissue in hand. Brush head into tissue and press the button on the brush handle a few times.

This will release the loose mineral pigment through the dispensing chamber into the brush.

When the color appears on tissue, this indicates the pigment has been released into the brush head.

Evenly distribute the pigment throughout the brush head by buffing the brush into the tissue in circular motions.

Gently tap off any excess pigment.

Priming your brush is very important for a smooth application of color. It will also remove any loose hair which may occur during the first few uses.

You are now ready to begin application.

How to care for your dispensing brush

It is not always necessary to release more before your next application, because there is often enough color left in the brush head from the previous use.

Occasionally the mineral pigment may settle against the dispensing mechanism, restricting the flow of color.

If this occurs, gently unscrew your brush head, take a pen or undo a paperclip, and gently push aside the sponge on the brush head to find air holes. Use the pen or clip to unclog.

Do not over pump! This will clog the brush. The pigment comes out easily.

This brush is refillable and maybe use countless times if you maintain your brush properly.